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Pregnancy can be a wonderful, exciting, and nerve-wracking journey as you bring a new life into the world. Having an experienced obstetrician like Morris Ahdoot, MD with you every step of the way can bring you valuable peace of mind. Dr. Ahdoot helps his patients in Irvine, California successfully navigate the pregnancy waters as smoothly as possible through regular care and vigilant monitoring. To begin your pregnancy care, call or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

Pregnancy Q & A

What should I do before I get pregnant?

Preconception planning can set up your pregnancy for the best chances of success, and this starts with a visit to Dr. Ahdoot.

During this visit, Dr. Ahdoot sits down with you to review your medical history, lifestyle, and goals. Armed with this information, he counsels you in areas where you may need to make some changes, such as:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Regulating alcohol
  • Exercise or weight loss
  • Vitamin supplements to boost your reproductive health

Dr. Ahdoot also performs a physical examination to check for any potential problems and to establish valuable baseline information.

How often should I see the doctor during my pregnancy?

Once you receive the good news, your prenatal care begins in earnest. Prenatal care is critical to your health and the health of your baby, ensuring that essential milestones are met during your pregnancy. To that end, you should expect a typical prenatal schedule to look something like this:

  • Once a month between weeks four and 28
  • Twice a month between weeks 28 and 36
  • Weekly after week 36 until you give birth

During these visits, Dr. Ahdoot monitors your health and answers any questions or concerns you may have. It’s also during these visits that Dr. Ahdoot provides you with the first glimpse of your baby with an ultrasound.

What restrictions or supplements should I be aware of during my pregnancy?

One of the most valuable aspects of prenatal care is the counseling you receive from Dr. Ahdoot, which includes:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Supplements
  • Medication management

This last point is worth stressing: If you’re on medications for a pre-existing condition, Dr. Ahdoot works with you to manage your medication and address your condition per the needs of your growing baby.

Dr. Ahdoot’s goal with every pregnancy is to make sure that both your health and the health of your baby are well-monitored. He makes any necessary adjustments along the way to avoid potential problems.

To learn more about the valuable care you receive during pregnancy, call Dr. Ahdoot or use the online scheduler to book an appointment.